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Choquequirao Trek

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Choquequirao was the last stronghold of the Incas' resistance to the Spanish domain. The stonewalls surrounding this ancient religious, political and social centre, are mostly covered with underbrush, thus giving you the sense of being one of the first explorers reaching it.


ITINERARY - 5 days / 4 nights

Day 1

Cusco / Cachora / Coca Masana / Playa Rosalina

Early departure from Cusco to Cachora town for breakfast. A meeting with all the porters and muleteers to arrange all the equipment on the mules and horses and then you start the trek with a 2 hour hike to Capuliyoc (2915m). On route you get the first beautiful views of the Apurimac valley stretching below as well as sights from the snow-capped peaks of Padrayoc and Wayna Cachora (5,482m / 17.981 ft). Afterwards you descend through the eastern slopes of the Andes to Coca Masana (2,330m / 7.642 ft). The weather becomes warmer and the flora and fauna begin to change. Finally you arrive at Playa Rosalina at 1,550m (5.084 ft) beside the raging Apurimac River place of base camp.

Day 2

Playa Rosalina / Choquequirao

This is considered the hardest of the 5 days. After an early breakfast to climb a steep trail, a 5 hour hike to Raqaypata beside the Chunchullumayo River where you will have a late lunch and a good rest. Along the way you will observe many orchids and wild flowers as well as many birds. From Raqaypata to Choquequirao (3035m) there is a 2 hour hike. Arriving at the archaeological site of Choquequirao in time to enjoy the sunset and maybe an opportunity to see a Condor flying. The campsite will be just outside the ruins.

Day 3

Choquequrao / Raqaypata

You can finally explore the Inca site. The guide will explain you the history and importance of this archaeological site. After you will have free time to visit the many sectors of the complex. Late in the afternoon you come back to Raqaypata to spend the night at the camp site

Day 4

Raqaypata / Chikisca

After breakfast, continue the return trek with a steep descent towards the Apurimac River where you will stop and have lunch. In the afternoon a climb for approximately 4 hours to the final campsite at Coca Masana.

Day 5

Chikisca / Cachora / Cusco

You take another trail towards Cachora so that you have the opportunity to have some views of the imposing canyon formed by the Apurimac River, considered one of the world's deepest (3,000m / 9.840 ft). Once in Cachora you will be picked up by a vehicle for the ride to Cusco. After arrival, you will be met and transferred to your hotel.



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