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Maras & Moray


Sacred Valley, Maras

Maras is located in the west from Cusco, here you can observe snow Mountain range, weqey Willka "la Veronica" at 5682 masl (18641 ft.) and Chikon 5530 masl (18143 ft.). The town was occupied when the cusquenians abandoned the incas palaces in Cusco and they had to move to others smalls towns around, like San sebastian and Maras. Likewise while the war that Manco Inca had began to recover his quechua nation, this place served like a fortress.

This town has a church with typical religious architecture built with adobe, and in the front yard has a cross carved in granite. Inside the church, there are a lot of Cusquenians paints, those represents the Catholic apostles and others paints by Inca Antonio Sinchi Roqa, he was a native artist from the XVII century.

Salt mines

Impressive complex of exploitation of salt, located in the landscape named Qoripujio, at a distance of 4km from the town of Maras. It has salt mines; the salt water runs along channels, which extend through the flooded lands and follow a more or less rectangular pattern, depending on the variations in the land. The water, which is exposed to the sun, leaves salt on the bed. Viewed from the peak, the myriad of rectangles look Like an enormous painting designed by nature.


Sacred Valley, Moray

Approximately 7 Km, (4.3 miles) from maras at the west side, is moray, the once archeological site in the region, has huge natural surfaces and hollows that incas used to built cultivation terraces. The most amazing feature, is the different annual temperature between the summit and the bottom reaching the 15°C (59°F) approximately.

Moray, due its weather conditions and other features was and important enter to domesticate acclimatization and hybridization of several wild species that was adapted for the human consume.

Therefore it was a prototype of greenhouse ahead of that time, that helped the ancient american people to consume about 60% of vegetables species and three thousands varieties of potatoes, corns and other species.

The structures found here are incas. One of the enigmas is the way of the water flows through aqueducts, one of the theories is presence of the undergrounds channels that allow the water go away, other theory said that it is above a natural porous outcrop stones, that allows the water percolation into the ground.

The most amazing feature, is the different annual temperature between the summit and the bottom reaching the 15°C (59°F) approximately.

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