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Cusco churches

The Cathedral

Capilla del Triunfo Cathedral of Cusco

The Cathedral of Cusco has a Baroque-style, it was built on the foundations of the palace of the Inca Wirachocha in Cusco. Construction began in 1550, using many stones looted from the site of the hillside Sacsayhuamán fortress, and was completed a century later. It is considered one of the most splendid Spanish colonial churches in the Americas. The facade is in the Renaissance style contrasting with the Baroque and Plateresque.

La Compania de Jesus

Cusco, La Compania de Jesus church

Built directly on top of the Amaru Kanka, which was a splendid rock building and also the palace of the Inca Wayna Qhapaq, this Barroque style church dates back to 1650. Inside, it's rather gloomy, but the gilded altar is stunning, especially when illuminated. The golden altarpiece, decorated with wreathed columns, features an old image of the Virgin and a panel of the Transfiguration attributed to the Flemish Jesuit Diego de la Puente.

Temple and Convent La Merced

Cusco, La Merced church

The convent was built in the foundations of a monument of great importance for the Inca religion of the "Inti". The antique temple were still functioning until 1650, when an earthquake hit and made it uninhabitable. In 1675, the restoration was complete with help form experience indigenous craftsmen. The face is very beatiful, and the temple's tower stands out as a baroque masterpiace, and the sacristy guards to church's custody with gold and precius stones.

Santo Domingo

Cusco, Santo Domingo church

Founded in 1536, the outstanding feature of the church and the convent is its tower in the Baroque style. In its interior you can find Baroque Renaissance cloisters. The choir is decorated with chairs in the Baroque Plateresque style and numerous figures and paintings of colonial art. There is a monstrance of gold and beautiful stones, in weight, with a big pearl in the form of a siren.

San Blas

Cusco, San Blas church

Built in 1563, San Blas is thought to be one of the oldest parishes in Cusco. Although unremarkable from the outside, this small white-washed adobe church houses, according to some, one of the most exquisite examples of woodcarving in the world. Carved in a churrigueresque style from a single tree trunk, the famous cedar pulpit features intricately carved images of the Virgin Mary, apostles, cherubs, a sun-disc, and bunches of grapes.

San Francisco

Capilla del Triunfo Cathedral of Cusco

The most outstanding external feature of this church is the strong unique tower and the two proto-baroque facades on the plain stonewalls. At the entrance, there is a narthex portico (with ceiling), unique in the city. On the right, you find the old chapel of San Pedro Alcantara, now turned into a parochial office. It has a wonderful collection of canvases of the miraculous life of the Franciscan saint mentioned before.

You will live through an unforgettable Peru travel experience while visit the wonderful Cuzco churches.

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